Ntwanano Tshabalala

Ntwanano Tshabalala

Ntwanano Tshabalala

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My name is Ntwanano (Nano) Tshabalala. I am was born in December 2006, in Gauteng – South Africa, which makes me 13 years old, as I start to venture into my ambitious dream.

I told my parents that I do not like seeing young children so helpless and poor. I also do not want any of us to grow up and still be poor when we are old. I want to make sure that me and other young people like me grow-up to become business owners and make lots of money, never to be poor again. I want all the children of the world, especially of the African Continent to get out of poverty.

Africa Me-Africa Us is my business venture.

I aim to unite with all the children, ignore what the adults are doing (not liking one another much because of race, culture and many other funny reasons) and build our own future.

We will identify with each other as children of Africa and of the world, by wearing a clothing brand that tells our story of being one.

Because I am still young and learning, my parents represent me in my business. I hope other parents are willing to do the same for the children.

I hope to attract as many young children into my vision and not only show them the way, but to welcome them to come share with me and together start crafting our future together and be better adults tomorrow.

As my mother always says:  “Breeding a business minded generation… #CreatingGiants”

The journey has started. Hope you join in soon.

Yours Sincerely


Ntwanano Tshabalala


Africa Me-Africa Us

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